Dual Temperature Rooms

A Dual Compartment / Dual Temperature Room is an ideal option for Takeaways & Restaurants
Dual Temperatur Cold & Freezer Room UK


Where you have limited space, considering Dual Temperature Room i..e., Cold Room & Freezer Room with a Shared Wall is an ideal option.
Modular Coldrooms


Example of Modular Dual Room, i.e., Cold & Freezer Room with Shared Wall assembled with Modular Panels.

20 cm Modular Cold Rooms


The 20 cm or 200 cm modularity allows to achieve any size when it comes to bespoke requirements.

Cam Lock Cold Room System


Our Dual Cold Room & Freezer Rooms can be easily assembled using Cam Lock, all modular design comes with this feature.

Corner Cold Rooms


Designed to work around corners, work in 20 cm modularity to maximize the desired solution.

Dual Room
Cold Room & Freezer Room

Our Dual Rooms are best for consideration for compact storage options. Its ideal to use Both rooms with floors to have beams aligned, however we do offer Cold Room with a Laid On Wall & Freezer Room with Floor next to it. Our standard floor is finished with grey plastified non-slip steel sheet. Speak with our professional team to assist you with your requirements today, please reach us at 01204 263081.
dual temperature cold room and freezer room

Dual Temperature Room - Maximising Food Storage

When you have limited space and wish to have a cold room & freezer room too, a dual temperature room can be a handy option i.e., a cold room & a freezer room together using a shared wall.

The concept of a Dual Compartment / Dual Temperature Room is unique, as it gives customers to consider the following flexible options i.e.,

  • Cold Room and Cold Room
  • Cold Room and Freezer Room
  • Freezer Room and Freezer Room
  • Cold Room and Ambient Room
  • Freezer Room and Ambient Room

These above options can be split in any ratios too, for example 50 percent cold room and 50 percent freezer room or 30 percent cold room and 70 percent freezer room.

This type of food storage option is ideal where customer intend to store products of different temperatures, from fruit & veg to frozen meats, as both required different temperatures. A dual room comes as a handy option.

Dual Temperature room is built side by side with an insulated wall panel in between to act as a barrier so that two seperate temperatures can be maintained. It also helps saving space & money in certain aspects.

Further this can be divided into various compartments too, i.e., the idea of having shared walls where you wish to store Fruit & Veg in one section, Frozen Meat in another, Ambient products can go in another. All of our cold rooms & freezer rooms are food safe and are super easy to clean and support all food environments.

G M Cold Rooms UK deliver and install all bespoke cold & frozen storage rooms with multiple compartments options, using hinged doors & sliding doors where required.

Our professional team is happy to assist you with your specific requirement, please feel free to discuss it with us.


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